Tips for the Perfect Hassle-Free Barbeque

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Summer and barbecues go together like peanut butter and jelly. This timeless tradition is something that many people living in apartments in The Woodlands look forward to every weekend. The challenge, of course, is to create a BBQ that is both fun and hassle free. 

Discover the Formula for the Perfect Stress-Free Barbeque 

Whether you want to host a 20-person BBQ in your apartment community or are looking forward to having a few friends gather around the grilling station, the following three tips will help you to enjoy a hassle-free BBQ. 

  1. Plan Ahead. A hassle-free BBQ is possible if you plan ahead. In other words, don't leave everything until the day of. Let your guests know ahead of time if they can bring anything, or if you will be taking care of all of the arrangements. Finally, make sure to pick up your ingredients a day or two in advance, make the meat marinades the night before and set up your BBQ station before your guests arrive. 
  2. Set Up the BBQ for an Easy Flow. Instead of running around trying to figure out where you put the hot dog buns or trying to find the bags of ice that were supposed to be keeping the drinks cool, you should instead set up your BBQ in easy-to-access stations. One station can be for plates, cups and utensils, another station can be for buns and condiments, a third for side dishes, a fourth for cooked meats (and vegetables) and of course, a final station with coolers for drinks.
  3. Don't Forget Trash and Recycling Bins. Discarded cups, napkins and leftover food can immediately make you feel stressed during your BBQ. To avoid these high-stress factors, make sure you set out easy-to-access trash and recycling bins. Don't forget to buy extra trash bags, just in case people are more wasteful than you initially anticipated. 

Texas summers are synonymous with weekend barbecues. Thanks to the above tips, you'll be ready to host your next grilling party without feeling the usual levels of stress. To discover an apartment complex that features covered cabanas and designated grilling stations, contact the Plantation at Woodlands today.

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