Apartment-Style Ways to Stay Fit

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As spring approaches, many people think about getting fit and ready for hitting the pool and beach. You might be one of those people. And if you live in an apartment, you need to know specific ways to stay fit and healthy. Here are some tips and ideas.

Relaxing walks

A simple yet effective and enjoyable way to exercise is walking. Try taking walks around your apartments and the surrounding neighborhood. You might very well find that you will make some new friends with your neighbors, so smile and say, “hello” to people you see while you’re walking.

Healthy rebounding

Try setting up a rebounder, also known as a mini-trampoline, in the corner of a room in your apartment. Or, if you have a spare room, place the rebounder there. Our The Woodlands apartments provide great spaces where you can set aside a little exercise area. 

Small hand weights

Purchase several small hand weights, and you’ll find they take up almost no space in your apartment. Do a variety of exercises involving your back and arms. Even just doing exercises like that a few times per week can make a positive difference.

Exercise videos

Watching exercise videos while exercising along with them is a tried-and-true approach. You can either purchase DVDS or follow along with streaming exercises online, such as online Pilates.

Exercise bands

Exercise bands are super expensive and so compact that you can easily tuck them away into a drawer. They also provide highly effective workouts, so search for and find some great instructional videos online.

There are so many great options when it comes to exercising in your apartment. You can even use a combination of more than one of the options above. Choose an exercise you love, and stick with it. By staying consistent, you are giving yourself a greater chance at reaching your fitness goals, whether that is weight loss or improvement of a health condition.

Do you need a place to call home, where you can exercise right in your home whenever you want to? If you are looking for apartments in The Woodlands, please feel free to call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.

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