Essential Gadgets Every Kitchen Needs

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While it may be tempting to fill your kitchen countertops with every gadget, contraption and small appliance known to man, most kitchens lack the countertop real estate for all of these tools. But with the right assortment of gadgets for your kitchen, you can eliminate the need for many more expensive and space-hogging kitchen accessories and appliances. Here are some that make the top of the list.

Immersion Blender

This blender handles hot and cold foods with ease and style and can be broken down and stored in a drawer, which means it requires zero countertop real estate. This incredibly useful gadget is great for use with soups, smoothies, cake mixes and more. It can even be used to create delicious sauces.

Silicone Spatulas

You’ll want a few of these in different shapes and sizes, especially if you’re someone who likes to cook and bake. Spatulas make it easy to scrape the delightful concoctions you’ve created from your mixing bowls into cake pans and a thousand other things in the kitchen. They are even useful when trying to make sure you’ve gotten all the sauce or gravy from a pan to use for leftovers.

Cheese Grater

A cheese grater is useful for more than just grating cheese. You can also use it to grate chocolate for decorations or easy melting, make bread crumbs from your toast, grate boiled eggs for salad, grate frozen butter (excellent for baking), and grate vegetables to use in salads or soups — or even to sneak in your macaroni and spaghetti sauce for added nutrients. Even better, a cheese grater takes up far less space than a food processor and is half the work to clean.

Cutting Board

Not only does this highly useful kitchen essential help to preserve your kitchen countertops from tomato stains and knife abrasions, but it also gives you a level surface for cutting, shopping and smashing your favorite meal ingredients. While some people go for larger boards, others prefer to have several smaller cutting boards that are easier to wash and store.

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